Sights from the Princeton University Campus

With this series, I am sharing my appreciation for the diversity, culture, landscape, art, and architecture on campus. Within these environments, I have been working on ways to incorporate the figure, while maintaining a larger audience. I am working to find a balance between light, nature, figures, and recognizable forms. 

I paint to challenge myself, to have fun, and to make things I love. I am inspired by the work of many artists including William Blake, Chris Ofili, and De Chirico.

Princeton Battlefield 

2022, Oil on Canvas, 108″ x 28″

M. Witterschein - Nassau Hall(painting)
Arcs behind the Chapel

Arcs Behind the Chapel

2022, Oil on Canvas, 64″ x 36″

M. Witterschein - Nassau Hall(painting)
Arcs behind the Chapel

Fountain of Freedom

2021, Oil on Canvas, 56″ x 60″

M. Witterschein - Fountain of Freedom(painting)

Nassau Hall

2020, Oil on Canvas, 70″ x 45″

M. Witterschein - Nassau Hall(painting)

To me, successful art has a balance of light, shadow, and curiosity. I create challenges, then work to clarify the environment with light, depth, shapes, composition, and texture. 

“People tend to forget that play is serious.” – David Hockney